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Raees group handles the whole supply chain, from sourcing, procurement, production, and distribution of coffee.

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Raees Group

About Us

Raees group was established in 2000 by Mr. Farshid Aslani, opening the first branch in Jam (Fajr) street. This group, continues today with 12 branches, all under the direction of Aslani family. 

Raees group handles the whole supply chain, from sourcing, procurement, production, and distribution of coffee, thanks to its up-to-date knowledge and specialists.Based on this, highest quality of coffee beans are selected and are processed the best way possible in the factory and provided in the shortest time (Keeping its freshness) to the branches and market. 


Our Brands

Raees Coffee

Raees Coffee is an Iranian coffeehouse chain based in Tehran. The company was founded in 2000, and currently has 12 branches in Tehran.

Seen Coffee

The goal of establishment of SEEN Café was providing a modern Iranian space and a rapid service with suitable price to average customers.

Raees Roastery

The goal of establishment of Raees Factory was producing standard coffees and controlling coffee price and introducing the right coffee flavor to customers.

Head Office

Its effort in staff  and subsidiaries training , consulting and development to support the needs of its business and staff. 

Raees Group


Raees Factory produces more than 10 types of coffee and coffee blend in packed such as Colombia, Raees blend, Espresso blend, House blend and.... all production process is controlled by quality assurance department in the equipped labs.

Coffee Shop

Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit.One person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

Raees Academy

There is always more to learn about the vast and wonderful world of coffee.


Raees Factory produced more than 6 tons of roast coffee per month by the newest roasting and modern devices.



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